Waycoast is situated on the coast of the Eastern Reaches in the middle of the country of Easterly. The Rising Road, which travels from the mountain city of Grenadier into the center of the city, provides a tremendous amount of trade for the city. Heavily guarded caravans follow the route of the Rising Road going both directions. Since the economy of Easterly is significantly dependent on the road’s traffic, the king’s forces fiercely protect the road. The Rising Road and Cordale castle are the only two areas within Easterly that are actively protected by the Easterly army.

The city itself is split into two separate pieces, the Inner City and the Outer City. The Inner City is surrounded by a large wall and includes the major portion of the port area, Cordale Castle, The Crimson Keep, the Merchant’s district and housing for the upper class. The Outer City contains most of the inhabitants of Waycoast and is comprised of the slums (lower class housing), middle class housing, Farmers Market, the Seneschal’s guard complex, and a small portion of the port.

The Inner City is the home of King Brennan Cordale, who resides in Cordale Castle. However, he does not appear to be concerned with the day to day activities within Waycoast. Instead, the Inner City is ruled by Baron Henry Crown. Baron Henry Crown is the current leader of the Red Guard and resides in the Crimson Keep. He is considered a lawful man who works hard to keep the rich within the Inner City happy. Despite his lawful nature, he will almost always rule in favor of one of the inhabitants of the Inner City over an inhabitant of the Outer City. The Red Guard enforces all laws within the Inner City.

Baron Henry Crown only recently rose to power, just a few years before the Second War of the Heavens. He took the place of Baron Cedric Enlow. Baron Enlow was brutally assassinated, along with his entire family and servant staff. Rumors persist that Henry Crown had a hand in the death of the Enlow family. Additionally, it is said that the baron’s twin infant daughter’s bodies were never recovered.

Seneschal Seaben “Coldheart” Uthrader, Knight of Waycoast rules the Outer City. He is feared by all of his enemies and friends alike. He distinguished himself in the Second War of the Heavens and managed to save a relative of the king. In response, the king knighted Seaben and appointed him Seneschal of the Outer City. Sir Seaben is often seen as a cruel man who is somewhat arbitrary in his enforcement of the laws of the Outer City. Seaben commands the Azure Guard who operate as his own personal army.

Seneschal Seaben Uthrader and Baron Henry Crown are sworn enemies. Both operate autonomously from each other and their sometimes conflicting laws cause hardships on the merchants of Waycoast.

Inhabitants: Population: 19,500; 85% human (includes half-elf); 12% dwarven; 1% elven; 1% Halfling; 1% other.

Marketplace: Base Value: 8,000 gp; Purchase Limit: 50,000 gp; Spellcasting: Divine 14, Arcane 14. Minor Items: 4d4, Medium Items 3d4, Major Items 2d4.


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