Training is a part of life for adventurers in Alyssia. Without training, a character is unable to advance beyond 5th level. In order to advance beyond 5th level, a character must be trained. The trainer must be at least 9th level in the class being trained and the trainer must be at least 2 levels higher than the individual being trained. It is possible for player characters to train their own cohorts, henchmen, or NPCs at higher levels.

After a character attains enough experience to gain a level, he does not gain any benefits until he has trained. The character continues to gain experience normally until he is half way to the next level, at which time he only gains ½ experience. The character cannot gain experience beyond ¾ of the next level until he has trained.

Training can actually take place prior to leveling, so long as the character is ¾ of the way to the next level. If the character is able to pre-train, he will gain his new level abilities after he reaches the necessary experience requirement and has had an opportunity to meditate/sleep on his new experience.

The following chart indicates the cost of training and the time it takes. Most Organizations provide training to their members, usually at reduced cost.

Character Level Time Required to Train with Trainer Time Required to Train without Trainer Cost of Trainer
Level 6 7 Days 14 Days 300 gp
Level 7 7 Days 14 Days 350 gp
Level 8 10 Days 20 Days 400 gp
Level 9 10 Days 20 Days 450 gp
Level 10 14 Days 28 Days 500 gp
Level 11 14 Days 28 Days 550 gp
Level 12 14 Days 28 Days 600 gp
Level 13 17 Days 34 Days 650 gp
Level 14 17 Days 34 Days 700 gp
Level 15 17 Days 34 Days 750 gp
Level 16 20 Days 40 Days 800 gp
Level 17 20 Days 40 Days 850 gp
Level 18 20 Days 40 Days 900 gp
Level 19 unavailable 45 Days N/A
Level 20 unavailable 45 Days N/A


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