Crew Loyalty

Loyalty Score Loyalty Level/Corresponding Diplomacy Attitude Result
Over 10 Unwavering/None Crew member will work above and beyond the call of duty. He/she will do anything requested, even to the point of risking death. No diplomacy check is needed. The crewmember will do whatever he/she is told.
9-10 Devoted/Helpful Crew member will go out of the way to assist. He/she will act without direction to further the Captain’s goals. Always works to the best of his/her abilities. Diplomacy checks will be needed only when asked to perform dangerous acts.
7-8 Dependable/Friendly The crew member will work hard and does not need constant supervision. The crewmember will often work to further the captain’s goals without direction. Diplomacy checks will be needed when asked to perform dangerous acts.
4-6 Indifferent/Indifferent The crew member will perform the tasks assigned and nothing more. He/she will do adequate work. Diplomacy checks will be needed when asked to perform dangerous acts and/or follow complex, complicated direction.
2-3 Unreliable/Unfriendly The crew member will often fail to perform his task. At times, he/she will do the job, but it will be shoddy work. Knots may come undone, the dishes are dirty, etc. Diplomacy checks will be needed when asked to perform dangerous acts and/or follow complex, complicated direction.
0-1 Disloyal/Hostile The crew member looks for every opportunity to get out of work. When he/she does work, it is always shoddy. He/she will possibly quit at the next port of call. Diplomacy checks will be needed when asked to perform dangerous acts and/or follow complex, complicated direction.
Less than 0 Mutinous/None The crew member will take every opportunity to mutiny and will actively work against the Captain. Diplomacy will not work.

Each new crewmember will start with a loyalty score of 3+1d6. This score will be modified as described below. Every month new modifiers are added to the crews’ score.

Circumstance Modifier
Lawful Alignment +1
Good Alignment +1
Chaotic Alignment -1
Evil Alignment -1
Failure to pay salary -2
Paid a bonus +2
Death of a crew member -1
Death of multiple crew members -2
Captain has Leadership Feat +2
Famous Captain +1
Captain acts in accordance with crew member’s Alignment +1
Captain acts in conflict with crew member’s Alignment -1
A member of the crew is mutinous -1
A member of the crew is unwavering +1
Captain dies -2
Long term crew member (over 1 year) +2
Crew member has been intimidated -1

As a general rule, no diplomacy checks are needed when ordering the crew. They will act in accordance with their loyalty at the time. Diplomacy checks are only necessary in the times discussed in the loyalty chart.

EXAMPLE: If a captain orders his crew to attack Yellowbeard the pirate, who is known to kill his enemies in horrible ways, a diplomacy check is needed to get all but the most zealous to perform their tasks. The DC is minor for the more loyal crewmembers and is difficult for the least loyal. In this instance, the DC would be 10 for devoted crewmembers, 20 for dependable crewmembers, 25 for indifferent crewmembers, 30 for unreliable crewmembers and 35 for disloyal crewmembers. The captain would roll one time for all crewmembers. Unwavering crewmembers do not require a diplomacy roll and mutinous crewmembers are unaffected by diplomacy. Therefore, it is clear that a Captain should strive to have the most loyal crew.

As per the rules, the diplomacy checks will require a full minute. In the example above, a diplomacy check could easily be performed as the ships near each other. This would be in the form of the captain addressing his crew with words of encouragement and orders about the upcoming fight. If an instance presents itself that requires an immediate diplomacy check, then the check can be performed as a full round action at a +10 to the DC (PC performing an immediate diplomacy check may move while performing the diplomacy check, but may not take any other actions). For instance, if a sea monster suddenly raises it’s head and attacks the ship, the Captain can order the crew to attack (risking death), but will not have the opportunity of a rousing speech. The captain can shout quick words of encouragement and move while doing so, but cannot attack, drink potions, etc.

Any orders which preserve the life of a crewmember will automatically be obeyed, regardless of loyalty (e.g., Orders to go below deck and hide).

All crewmembers, regardless of their loyalty, will do a good job when under direct supervision, with the possible exception of mutinous members. The slackers will work very hard to hide the fact they are slackers.

INTIMIDATION: Intimidation is a skill that is best used against people you don’t wish to work with on a long term basis, but at critical times, it can be useful in this setting. The advantage is the DC is usually much lower and is not based on the crewmember’s loyalty (DC is 10 + target’s HD + target’s Wisdom modifier). As with Diplomacy, Intimidation takes 1 minute, but does not have an immediate option other than to demoralize. Following the intimidation, the crewmember will dislike the intimidator and his loyalty will decrease as indicated by the loyalty modifier chart.

Crew Loyalty

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