Sultana A’shadieeyah Khalid


Sultana A’shadieeyah Khalid is the ruler of the Opaline Vault, the largest settlement in the Elemental Plane of Earth. Like all Shaitan Genies, she sports dark blue, almost black skin that appears to be carved from rock. Richly colored silk fabrics cover her skin and seem to almost dance as she moves. She stands almost 11 feet tall and has a regal air about her that is almost palpable.


The Shadow Warrior sought the aid of the Shaitan Genies in an effort to find a gate to Zon-Kuthon. The Shaitan genies, known for their trade across the known multi-verse, are powerful gate-masters and it was thought they could provide a way into the Midnight Lord’s lair. When no suitable gates were found in the market areas, the party sought an audience with the Sultana to discover if she could provide a gate.

Although she was unable to create a gate into the desired realm, she does know who can…..Ayrzul, the Fossilized King. Sadly, Ayrzul lives in the Blistering Vault within the Blistering Labyrinth and virtually no living creature can survive the Blistering Labyrinth. However, the Sultana stated that she could give them a way to survive the deadly area if the party agreed to kill Bardishi Granid, the traitorous Shaitan, and his followers.

Sultana A’shadieeyah Khalid

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