Skulls & Bones

We’re Heroes Now?

The orb was actually on the ship. Unbelievable. Just like that, it’s over.

We have some choices now about the new ship. We can tow it back to Runner’s Cove for a reward or we can refit it and become a pirate fleet. Which is a stupid idea. Not that I have a problem with the idea of robbing people, which I don’t and never have, but sailing around looking for fights? Dumb. We had to go back to North John Hollow to hire more crew. Lots of new faces now. Snake took my advice about where to put traps around the orb. Wow.

When we got back to Runner’s Cove, Bob went to talk to Harris Goldtooth, the manager of Waycoast Trading Company – one of Griffon’s competitors. I like this guy already. His daughter and Darius were the ones who told the ship to leave early. While we were at the docks, Severd’s people showed up to escort us to the Drunken Pirate. We caught him up and he wanted to hear our story a second time. In the meantime, some other guy has been examining the orb. Turns out it’s a fake. Of course it is. Unbelievably, Severd does not kill us then and there. Instead he just instructs us what to do if we ever hear anything about the real orb. We are to go to Perrin’s Bay, find the Salty Parrot, talk to Mick the bartender and say we have a message for Black. From Angel’s journal, I guess. What is it with that town? It keeps coming up. So we’re going to live after all. We’ll just owe Severd a favor. I can live with that. Ha!

Part of the price for the reward is going to a party at Goldtooth’s. Yuck. I had to buy a stupid dress for the occasion. At least Bob told me what color to look for. Snake got himself a pair of stilts. Idjit. I lurked in a corner and sort of mentally walked through the torture the Seneschal put me through in order to remind myself that this party is not that bad. Around 11, some guy trailed in looking like he’s been in a fight and headed for the house. I watched Harris get notified and follow. A little while later, a servant told Bob that Harris wants to talk to us. You know what? I’m tired of being on the radar of the important people. I miss anonymity.

Long story short, injured guy works for Goldtooth and has news of a disaster. Surprise. They were bringing in a caravan from Grenadier and were attacked by a creature with flesh hanging off its bones. It flew above them and used a bone bow and arrow. It also panicked people with its howl. Pascha has heard of this thing and explained it, but all I remember is that the arrows paralyze you.

This really does not sound like our problem, and so far Goldtooth hasn’t threatened us into going after the thing. The next thing I know, drunken Bob is negotiating for us to go kill the thing. Did I miss the part where we turned do-gooder? Was there a vote?

Belintine 26, 1011

We take five of our people (See what I mean? We have people.) to tend the wagons we’ll need to bring back the iron ore that we will be recovering. Because we’re heroes.

At least the journey to the ambush was uneventful. I could tell when we got to the place, because it stank worse than a tanner’s. The human and horse corpses looked pretty much untouched, except for scavenger nibbling. The ore was just lying around. Whatever hit them was only interested in killing. See, I don’t understand that. It’s not like I would care if someone got hurt in a robbery, but that’s never been the point. That is just weird, leaving money lying around.

We snuck around examining the wagons, casting spells and waiting for the monster to make an appearance so we can defeat it. Because we’re heroes. It appeared and pretty much took out Gimbell. He’s just not that good at moving silently, poor guy. Bob gold-dusted the thing and it seemed to work, but it howled and I couldn’t move with fear. See, this is why we’re really not heroes. Here’s the strange thing, though. It actually missed me with some of its arrows and then I could move. I guess having an arrow sticking out of you is a good thing. I flew over and smacked it with my new mace. Gimbell must have done his healing thing because I suddenly felt a lot better. Bob started singing and I smacked the crap out of the monster. I love my new mace. It went down! I can’t believe it! We were barely wounded and it was dead. How very … heroic of us.



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