Skulls & Bones

New Levels of Weirdness

We all agreed to lock me in the captain’s cabin. Bach tried to slip me my thieves’ tools, which was sweet of him, but Bob’s monkey saw him. I hadn’t even noticed. Show you how messed up everything is. I gave the tools over, but then we argued about who would have the key. Bach insisted on holding it himself, of course, and things were about to get ugly so I said I would trust the dwarf with it.

That night I heard yelling during the first watch. I found out later that some creature covered in black slimy stuff had climbed aboard and breathed on Gimbell. Bach jumped down from the mast where he was and ran downstairs and broke the lock off my door so I wouldn’t be trapped, gave my rapiier and we got in position for when the creature followed. In the meantime, Pascha was trying to wake up Bob. He had no luck until he actually opened the door and shook him. Pathetic. When the thing showed up, it hit me really hard. I backed up, so Bach could get behind it. No dice. Bach went down, and so did I. Gimbell must have arrived during all this, because he did his healing thing and I woke up. And went down again and woke up again. Bach and I started to chase it upstairs when we heard Pascha yelling from my former cell. Bach and I headed in and could not hit the thing. Bach went down again, and Bob actually took his place. Astonishing. I finally got in a lucky hit and killed it. When I walked out in the hallway, I saw Gary’s re-dead body. Naturally. I can’t wait to get off this ship.

We finally reached Runner’s Cove. Pascha and Bob want me to see a cleric. Bach’s worried they’ll put me away, but I’m a little worried about the weirdness, so I agree to see one in public. (As long as they pay for it.) I guess it’ll happen tomorrow. We all split up for the night. Bach and I stashed up our share of the loot in a bunch of different places. It’s strange to have so much money. I don’t even know what to spend it on, apart from food. At dinner, the sheriff showed up looking for us. We’ve been gone for months, but it’s the same old business with him. Whatever. Apparently, I’m supposed to have killed that bird-guy that gave us the box to deliver. I remember now that he said something about dying soon, but I thought he was poisoned or sick or something. Instead he was stabbed with a dagger, so the sheriff instantly thought of me. Isn’t that sweet? Then it got weirder. There’s some other survivor from the shipwreck who swears he saw me stab the captain of the ship! I don’t get it. The sheriff wanted his usual bribe, but of course we just stashed all our money. I don’t feel like revealing one of our hiding places, so Bach and I accepted prison hospitality for a couple of days. I wonder when I’m supposed to talk to the cleric? The guys show up eventually and convince the sheriff to let Bach go get some money, knowing he’ll come back to get me out. When we got our stuff back, we examined the box after all this time. The seal’s broken. Nosy sheriff. When we got back to the inn, I decided to open it. I mean, the seal was already broken, so we’re kinda screwed. Naturally the box was trapped. I got drained of strength and health worse than when the purple sickle-hands hit us. Gimbell will fix me in the morning, though, so it’s not too bad.

Famous last words. Before morning, the sheriff returned with the Seneschal and his men. Who demanded that our stuff be searched. Remember that dagger that I found during the storm? Yeah, me neither. The body I took it from was apparently the ship’s captain. You know, the one a witness said I stabbed. That’s enough for the Seneschal to order both of us put in chains. Overreaction much? When they finished dragging us back to jail, they strip and search us. No especially big deal, apart from the humiliation, but then that bastard yanked my locket off my neck! I lost it then. I don’t even know what I was screaming at him, but it made him punch my lights out. A perfect ending to a perfect day.



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