Skulls & Bones

Master Assassin

I’m not going to dwell on what happened the next couple of days. It was about what could be expected from Nutso Whackjob, the Seneschal. We were transported to his city to be “questioned.” The headcase has decided that I’m a master assassin. This means that there’s no point casting a truth spell on me. Master assassins are well known to be impervious to magic. But not to being chained to a wall and beaten. Obviously that’s going to make my master assassin-self crack. I’m still so weak from that trapped box poison that it doesn’t take much to send me unconscious. After a couple of days of all this fun, Whackjob came in trailing after some new guy, acting like a he’s new guy’s dog. New Guy, Severd, tells them to heal me and dress me. This can’t be good. I asked about Bach and he ignored my request. He wants to know if I killed Angel the Tengue (the bird guy) or the captain of that ship. I said no. Then he asks if I will swear to this and submit to a truthspell. I said I already did both. Then he stabbed me in the throat. Well, that’s a reasonable response. As I go out, I hear him tell Nutso it’s impossible for a master assassin to ignore training and let herself be attacked. How nice.

Diakrine 26, 1011

I wasn’t sure I was going to wake up this time. Severd has given us 45 days to find the location of the missing orb from the box. He also wants us to find out who killed Angel. If I’m going to live (even if only for 45 days) I want my locket back. Severd made Whackjob hand it over. That was almost worth him taking it. He made some (deliberately, I’m sure) confusing comment about my locket’s significance. I’m dying of curiosity, but I know I won’t get a straight answer. Plus I refuse to give either of them the satisfaction.

We got back to Runner’s Cove and the magic users tried some spells to find out who killed the Tengue. It didn’t work, of course. It couldn’t be that easy. Another spell directed us back to start looking for answers at the Crow’s Nest. The bartender remembered Angel, but not much else. As we were leaving, Gwen, a waitress, said her sister had rented a shack to Angel and would lead us there. Wow. A break. I wonder why that happened.

After meeting the sister and making arrangements to check out the shack, I triggered a trap on the door that I was trying to disable. A big pile of earth rose up and slammed me hard. We ran around trying to get away from it while still hitting it and eventually it just went away. This is the new normal in my life.

I finally got the door open and Bach and I started searching the tiny room. The parts that don’t have an altar to Chellos. I found a loose floor board, but that was trapped, too. At least I think so. Everyone started acting really stupid for a couple of minutes. Not that I could tell the difference with the bard. After everyone cleared out, I found another trap that hit Bach with more poison. I finally dug out what seems to be Angel’s journal. There were some references to Gregor the news that he’s dead. The “Servants of the Traitor” killed him and some others. No mention of the others that disappeared when Gregor did. There was also a reference to a griffon. We decided to ask the sheriff if any of this made sense. You know, because he’s been so helpful and all.

There’s a trader named Griffon that the sheriff really hates, so we go check out his warehouse. Even though the sheriff said we should concentrate on his house. Griffon seemed to have no clue about any of this, especially what Pascha meant by “Seekers of the Orb.” We were eating dinner when a kid came in with a message for the “Seekers of the Orb.” Didn’t take long for the word to get out. The kid took off running and tried to lead us into an alley. We stopped at the end of it, and saw some figure at the other end.



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