Easterly is a country in the area known as the Reaches (the eastern coast of Alyssia). It is bordered on the west by Grenadier and by the Outer Sea on the east. The frontier country of Orfort is to the north and Dalphine lies to the south.


The country is ruled by King Brennen Cordale. The Cordale family has ruled Easterly for years and is seen as the rightful ruler of Easterly. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Easterly bitterly complain about his rule and the corruption which they see openly flaunted. Noble rights are often sold to the highest bidder and rightful land owning families are cast aside in favor of a full coin purse. As a result, the traders have swelled the ranks of the noble families and rule Easterly. King Brennen does not care too much about the common events that take place within his kingdom. So the local rulers have almost all the say about their land. Often, the laws of one region may differ from the laws of another. Corruption plagues all levels of government and bribes are considered a way of life.

Easterly maintains a very small standing army and no navy. The Second War of the Heavens crushed the Easterly army and it has never recovered. Instead of a government owned navy, Easterly uses privateers who are commissioned by the local rulers of each coastal city. These privateers are provided with rewards for protecting trading vessels and are able to keep all the treasure they capture from pirates. Although the privateers are supposed to work to enforce the law of the land, this is not always the case. Additionally, trading ships are usually well armed and maintain fighting forces on board.


The country of Grenadier transports much of its trade through Easterly (primarily ore and minerals). Most of this trade travels through Waycoast and some of the smaller coastal ports, such as Runners Cove, with final destinations throughout Alyssia. Additionally, Orfort’s primary export of lumber and other forest related products find its way into Easterly harbors. Further, the Torren Mountains extend into Easterly, offering rich resources for the country.

By all rights, Easterly should be a wealthy country, but sadly, this is not the case. There are many rich individuals in the land, but few of them share their wealth with the common man. Consequently, the roads are in disrepair and bandits rule portions of the country.

Just as bandits often impact trade inland, pirates are a major problem on the Outer Sea. Privateers are charged with the duty of destroying all pirates, but some of the privateers are nothing more than pirates with papers from the government. Even if the privateers earnestly sought the pirates, they would never succeed in destroying them all.


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