Character Creation Rules

  • Pathfinder Rules – Core Rules only with exceptions listed below.
  • Pathfinder point buy system: 22 points (compromise between epic and high fantasy)
  • Medium experience point progression.
  • No lawful good characters. No evil characters.
  • The following non-core archetypes are available and encouraged:

Barbarian: Sea Reaver
Bard: Buccaneer, Daredevil & Sea Singer
Druid: Aquatic Druid, Storm Druid & Shark Shaman
Fighter: Cad, Corsair & Free hand fighter
Ranger: Freebooter
Rogue: Pirate, Rake, Swashbuckler & Thug
Sorcerer: Aquatic Bloodline & Seaborn
Wizard: Water elementalist

Archetypes offer alternative class features. They are not necessary but provide options. These also adapt certain classes to a sea-based environment.

  • I foresee the game taking place about ¼ to ½ of the time on the sea. There will definitely be adventures on dry land and some inland. However, it should be a goal of the players to own and captain a ship.
  • There should be at least one character who can pilot a ship (has a strong Profession: Sailor). It would not hurt to have more than one. A lot of ranks in Profession: Sailor could save a ship one day. Additionally, if the party chooses to own and operate a ship, there will be a crew and diplomacy will be very important in order to command the crew. Finally, ship building would be a helpful profession.
  • Non-core feats available: Corsair of Taldor (although for our game purposes it will be called Corsair of Alyssia), Elemental Focus, Elemental Focus – Greater, Galley Slave, Helpless Prisoner, Pass for Human, Sea legs (additionally, this feat will remove any chance for sea sickness), & Siege Engineer.
  • Players may choose one profession-related trait.
  • All characters must have spent the last 5 years or 25% of their life in Runner’s Cove (a large town, by pathfinder’s definition, of 2,000) in the country of Easterly. It will be helpful for all characters to know each other, although this will not be necessary.
  • Craft feats will be very helpful as characters progress in levels. Magic items will be as per Pathfinder rules and creation will be very important. Purchasing items will be as per rules. Pathfinder does not have any experience cost for creating items. Additionally, pathfinder allows non-casters to craft arms/armor and wondrous items with the feat Master Craftsman. Potions and scrolls will not be nearly as accessible as they have been in the past, with the exception of very large cities. So brew potion and scribe scroll will be very important for a party member if you guys choose to use potions and scribe scrolls as you have in the past.
  • All characters will be required to provide descriptions of 3 NPC’s. 1 must be someone who the character likes (girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, etc.). 1 must be someone the character looks up to (parent, mentor, etc.). 1 must be someone the character dislikes (childhood bully, businessman who drove parents out of business, etc). Additionally, I will need to know the family members of the character (are parents living, brothers or sisters, etc). This can be provided in any form you see fit. I will definitely need legitimate names for all the people described. Feel free to use a name generator, but try to stay away from completely stupid sounding names.
  • Each character will roll a sea-sickness percentage roll. This will be done the first game day.
  • All variable rolls (hit points, sea-sickness, etc.) will be rolled with the group.
  • Hit points will be calculated as per the last game (roll once, minimum is half of class hit die rounded down).

Character Creation Rules

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