Skulls & Bones

Dear Mother (whoever you are)

So, obviously things have been going too well. Bach and I got back to the market place, and everyone, I mean everyone, was gone. I know Gregor paid the bribe in time, because I was the messenger. It went like it has a hundred times.

Ferine 1, 1011

A couple of days later, we got word of a message from Gregor. All we had to do was get a group of people and stick our head in a noose … I mean show up at the Crow’s Nest. We grabbed some losers, showed up, and talked to some weird old guy, named Angel. He said the losers wouldn’t cut it for the mission. Mission? Yeah, apparently we need to deliver some box. We saw some guys on the docks that looked like they could handle themselves, but before I could say anything, Bach admitted how much money there was in it. Damn.

Details aside, we got on the ship on Ferine 4, 1011 and headed to our destination, when we were interrupted by a storm. Big storm. Huge storm. No-more-ship kind of storm. Bach and I made it through the waves, found each other (and some of the group we “hired”) and, after drifting for over a week, we got to an island on Ferine 15, 1011. After a couple days of eating and sleeping, we counted heads. Bach, me, Bob the Bard, Pasha the Halfling, Gimble the Dwarf, and Gary, one of the ship’s cooks. Weird how all the other adventurers made it here. I would think there’s something going on, but unless one of the gods has a twisted sense of humor …. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Lovely island. We found what used to be shelter, and managed to fix it up. In the meantime, we fought and killed a boar (dinner!), a dire wolverine, a giant crab and a swarm of regular crabs, a snake and a giant spider. That attacked us. Within a span of two to three days.

Ferine 27, 1011

We finally cleaned out the zombies on the ship in the harbor. There was more gold and silver coins than I have ever seen in my life. Too bad there’s nothing to buy here. Definitely a god with a sense of humor. Bastard. We also found the tools and supplies to eventually get it sea-worthy again. Turns out Gary is really a carpenter and not a cook. Although we knew he wasn’t really a cook. Man could burn water. Hope he’s a better carpenter.

Diakrine 1, 1011

We are sick of all the surprises, so we decided to go exploring. We went up one of the hills and found a cave. We encountered some hobgoblins and found a stairway built into the rock. At the bottom were some more hobgoblins. Then there were even more hobgoblins and goblin dogs and some big dude. He thought we were funny. At first. It was kinda cool, though, with spells going off, the bard singing, Bach and me swinging. Bach went down a couple of times, and that was less cool.

We’re going to check out more of this place. I’ll fill you in when I have more time (and am feeling delusional, like I’m ever going to know anything about you.)


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