The Shadow Warriors met this strange dwarf in the vault of Stone Haven on the Elemental Plane of Earth. Fa’Sarki is obviously loved by all those who serve under him. He is a sharp dressed dwarf who is meticulously groomed. He wears a foppish hat with a large peacock plume to one side and it appears his nails are neatly manicured. Forgoing the normal beard of a dwarf, Fa’Sarki sports a shaven face with the exception of a well-oiled pencil thin mustache. Gimble was able to report to the party that all the hair on his body is neatly groomed.

Despite his unusual appearance (especially for a dwarf), Fa’Sarki seems to have an unusual amount of knowledge of what goes on near his town and seems to be a powerful ally.


The Shadow Warriors met Fa’Sarki while trying to find the location of the self-proclaimed Sultan and presumed traitor, Bardishi Granid. Fa’Sarki explained that several of the citizens of Stone Haven have recently disappeared and pointed the party in a different direction than they had been traveling. Theorizing that the disappearances had something to do with the traitor, the party chose to search in the area where the dwarves had gone missing and soon discovered, with the help of a wild earth elemental, the stronghold of the traitor.


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