Skulls & Bones

I hate that effin' god

We rested at the nice tree-lady’s grove (or whatever it’s called) for a couple of days before going back. We planned to ruin the symbol in the ground in case some spider-people survived. When we went back, there was a crowd waiting for us – 4 purple things and 7 big spiders. Pascha enlarged Bach which backfired: Bach drew tons of attention and got beat up pretty bad. Things got better when he moved over to where I was and we could fight like we’re used to fighting, flanking someone and taking ‘em down. We dropped a purple and a spider that way. Seemed like Bob went down about that time, and Gimbell moved over to help him. Then I got surrounded and went down. I came to just in time to see Bach go down, but he wasn’t actually unconscious. I could hear him singing to himself. The poison made him too woozy to even stand up. Gimbell came over wearing his metal lobster suit and acted like Bach, which let me get a good one on a spider. I think it was then that I could hear Bob singing while lying on the floor. Poison must have got him too, but at least he wasn’t gonna burn up too much healing. I went down and Pascha brought me back, and then Gimbell did his Bach impersonation again and I took out the last spider. We got in a circle and Pascha did his group-heal thing.

We searched all through the rest of the caves, but we didn’t find any more creatures. We did, of course, find a ton of treasure. I’m starting to get bored with the look of a pile of money and gems. Something is seriously wrong with that. I will make it official now: I will track down whatever god thinks my life is a game and then I will dedicate my life to desecrating his altars. See how he likes being jacked with.

Diakrine 21, 1011

Finally, some good news! The ship’s ready and we can get the #%^&^ off the island.

It was getting too uneventful, obviously. I woke up last night being stabbed. By Gary. Who had a crazed look in his eyes. Even weirder, the muscles on his arms and legs had apparently been somehow enlarged to the point where they bulged out of his clothes. Not weird enough? Well, I woke up yelling (from being stabbed) but no sound came out of my mouth. Is there more than one god messing with me? I tried to just run, but the door wouldn’t open because why should it? We fought in the cramped cabin and I took him out, but then I passed out myself. Bach woke me up and it looked really bad. I didn’t have the wounds anymore and Gary looked like he used to look. Except for being dead. With my rapier in his heart. We decided to wait until the next watch because everyone else is a magic-user and they need their sleep in order to cast spells. Nobody believes my story. Even Bach thinks Gary did something to me and I killed him for it. At least he believes I had a good reason for killing him. I know my story sounds crazy, so I’m glad that Gimbell casts a truth spell on me. I told them everything. Now we’re all confused, instead of just me. Also, the boat registers magic now, when it didn’t before. ^(*%@$! gods.


I fear it will only getter weirder.

I hate that effin' god

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