Skulls & Bones

Giant Spiders and Purple Sickle-Hands

So, we went to the spot on the map marked with a web. After we cut through some of the web, we found another cave. Yeah, we’ve obviously been having too many open-air fights. All the halls and rooms had incredibly thick webbing on the walls. Bach said it struck him as a likely hiding place and I agreed. We got into a pattern of tearing down webbing as we go through a hallway, go into a room, check for traps, disable traps (unless they involved falling rocks, for some reason; good thing Gimbell has healing magic), tear down that webbing. Some rooms had some (big) spiders in them, and Bach and I would take them out, while everyone else watched our backs. Weird sensation, that. Finally some of the spiders appeared to have learned not to charge us and started spitting webbing. They were joined by this purple sickle-handed thing. It looked like it could be a problem but Bob sang to it and it got confused.

One of the spiders bit Bach and he started getting weaker, but Gimbell fixed him up. The dwarf’s really starting to grow on me. We tried to question the purple thing, but it bit me when Bob stopped singing. Bite made me incredibly woozy. Gimbell put another spell on me to stop it getting worse, but I stayed dizzy for the rest of the day.

We eventually made our way to a huge room with a dozen hallways leading to it. On the floor was a star made of two triangles and a bunch of squiggly symbols around in a circle. Didn’t get to look closely because there were three spiders and a couple more of the purple things. And then four more showed up. Bach rushed the two spiders across the room and of course I followed, but nobody else did. Way to separate the party, guys. After Bach and I finished with the creatures on us, I looked over to see Bob in the middle of the sickle-hands and spiders plus this huge spider that came in while Bach and I were busy. I didn’t see Pascha or Gimbell, but there was a new area of fog in the corner, so they were probably inside that. Wonder why they didn’t grab Bob? Pascha (it turns out) shot a fireball that killed one of the purple things, but it also downed Bob. I missed what happened after that because the giant spider rushed me and I went down too. I woke up a few moments later as Bach was getting up also. Pascha was over by us, also down, and Gimbell went down as Bach and I got up. We took out the last sickle-hand (apparently the boss) but it got me as it died. This time when I woke up Pascha and Gimbell are alive but paralyzed and the boss purple was thoroughly dead. Bach dragged Bob’s dying body over to us and Gimbell broadcast some healing – enough to get us out of there. Before we left, I made a copy of the symbols on the floor to show to the nice tree-lady.



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