Skulls & Bones


Half a dozen skeletons and something that I found out later is called a Crypt-Thing jumped out of some of the coffins. Idjit actually did something useful and cast some strengthening spell on me (without asking, but it’s not like there was time) while I took a different kind of strength potion that Gimbell had made. Bob flanked the skeletons with me. Odd. Even stranger, I stayed conscious the whole fight.

Dwarven knowledge of stonework says that everything in the shaft higher than 10 feet is very much newer.

We checked out the other coffins, and half of them have or had skeletons in them. The other half will move (eventually) and reveal a door. No traps and not locked.

They all followed the same pattern: an empty room with a door on the opposite wall which led to a short hallway with a door, which opened to a room with skeletons (weaker ones than the ones we killed in the main room) and a door on the opposite wall, which led to another short hallway with a door that opened to a room with some undead the religious people called wights. Bob would cast a spell making the floor slippery and they would all fall in a pile. That was actually kinda funny.

On the third coffin, the pattern broke. There was a door leading out of the wight room. It opened into a longer hallway which led to the main room, I guess. It was really huge and contained tables and cages used to torture people. As I went into the room, I recognized some of the body pieces. Many of the younger kids of Gregor’s gang ended up in here. Thanks to the seneschal, I have a fairly good idea of what they went through.

Not that there was time to be thinking though. Darius Griffon was at the other end of the room, fainting with terror. Wimp. More important, some monster that I thought was chained up came rushing at us, waving its chains. We backed back into the hallway and waited for it to open the door, but it outwaited us. Bob shot some shiny glittery stuff at it that blinded it, but it sent out waves of fear which got to me. I must have panicked and run because when I calmed down I was at the other side of the room in an ice storm that one of the magic-users had summoned. I ran back to the battle, but the chain monster was dead. Darius regained consciousness and started babbling about how he was a victim and his family was at risk. While the tortured remains of MY family surrounded us.

I do not feel kindly disposed towards him.



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