Skulls & Bones


The meeting in the alley was a trap. At first the fight was going like it usually does, Bach and me getting hurt, going down, and waking up to continue fighting.

This time, though, when I woke up, the battle was over, we were in Gimbell’s rooms, and Bach wasn’t there. They told me he was cut in half, just about, and Pascha and I were down, so they grabbed us and ran. I can’t believe they just left him. I don’t remember much after that. I planned to go and look for his body, I know that much, but I think I lost it before I got out the door. I remember screaming at the guys, but I have no idea what I said.

Everyone is being kind to me. Instead of being unnerving, it feels kinda nice. There’s an empty space were Bach oughta be.

Severd came to the room to check on our progress. He didn’t already know about Bach. We go over our trip to Griffon’s warehouse and Pascha and I realized that one of the guys from the alley fight had been working in the warehouse.

Severd told us we need help with our task. No kidding. He said he’ll bring us someone. Can’t wait. He returned with this poser-looking idiot. Who invites us to his place to discuss matters. He did put out a decent spread for us. I have no idea why he’s sucking up to us. He even told me he was “sorry for my loss.” Jerk.

The new plan was to return to Griffon’s warehouse. Gimbell can disguise himself and look around for the guy from the alley. No dice. Guy didn’t show. Next new plan was to buy a divination spell. It told us to look among the Griffons. How nice. Idjit decided to check out the graveyard and actually noticed something. There haven’t been any new family burials in the last forty to forty-five years. Weird, especially since I remember the big deal when the current Griffon’s father died a year or so ago.

The latest new plan was for Pascha and Gimbell to check out the warehouse at night. They found out that how the guards are hired, and that there’s one guy who is there every night. The rest of the guards are just a little relaxed about their job; not sloppy, but not expecting anything. While they were doing that, Bob tried looking for Alley Guy in the bars. No luck.

Idjit tried to spy on the Griffon mansion, but was instantly spotted and lightning-bolted. Hah. We relocated back to Gimbell’s rooms for the night. The new latest new plan will involve going back to the warehouse, jumping the guard and searching the place. That went smoothly; Gimbell cast a silence spell so he couldn’t raise an alarm and I stabbed him. We looked around the offices but didn’t find anything. So we went back to the piles of boxes and found a passage built into a fake box. Someone is serious about this place: a couple of ladder rungs down into the tunnel have been greased. There’s a room at the end of the tunnel. It’s very strange – it’s got 8 walls and 16 coffins.



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